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RD01 Pump showing Rotary diaphragm technology


No tubing to replace at frequent intervals, Rotary Diaphragm technology is service and maintenance free.

Synchronous motor technology offers more compact pump without sound complaints from gearbox motor.

Installation is very easy, no mounting bracket required and able to mount in any orientation.

Low cost alternative to peristaltic pumps in the long term.

Reversible pumping ability is great for 2 way systems or stopping your drink system from dripping.

Self priming, making installation a lot easier and enable you to mount the pump in any orientation.

Pumps debris/ suspended solids without clogging or hampering performance.

Runs dry, mean that the pump wont burn out and reduces the likelihood of organic growth in the tubing.

A wide variety of material options to suit hot or cold temperatures making it great for coffee machines or chilled beverages.

Has the unique ability to pump highly viscous liquids while maintaining its performance such as honey, custard and hand gels.

Comes with different material options to make it compliant with both US & EU food approvals such as NSF food grade.

Can be bespoke made with multiple material and motor options available so that the pump can be tailored to particular applications.

The reinforced diaphragm material maintains its form allowing consistent performance throughout its lifetime.


Points as to why rotary diaphragm pumps are better than the competition
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